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Avoid additional ATM fees at non-St. Joseph's CU/Hill Country CU ATM's:  Our members with SJCU/HCCU ATM/Debit Cards have access to the CO-OP ATM Network.  For a list of available ATM locations (World Wide) and possible non-network service free machines, please visit

Audio Teller and Home Banking (HFS) and Online ATM will be down for 1.5 Hours during Check Processing and End Of Day Processing and during End Of Month  Processing.  Members will not be able to call into the Audio Teller or view the HFS site or log into their accounts online during this time period. 

Message regarding Conversion of HFS (Home Banking) and Bill Pay  into Virtual Branch. 

*** Attention Members ***

Effective Friday, February 25, 2011, St. Joseph's Credit Union/Hill Country Credit Union converted to a new Virtual Branch Online Banking application.  Members that use Bill Pay will have access to our new bill pay service Monday, February 28, 2011, in the early afternoon.  Bill Pay users can log into Virtual Branch using the Online or Home Banking Tabs to log into  Virtual Branch.  Use your normal log-in I.D. and password (Security Code) for HFS or Home Banking.

Virtual Branch will contain both the new enhanced Bill Pay system and Internet Teller that repaces HFS.  The Home Banking, and Online Banking Buttons on the Home Page will access Virtual Branch.  Once in Virtual Branch there is a Tab for Bill Pay.

Please verify that your current HFS password has at least 8 characters with 2 alpha and 2 numeric values within it.  example:  summer10, abcd1234.  If not please make the appropriate changes when asked for a new password.  (Security Code = Password)  Your current user ID and password should have migrated over and remain the same.  Contact the credit union if you still are having problems with the password.  And, established crossover privileges will also migrate to Internet Teller.

Your Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) image and Challenge Questions/Answers will not be converted.  You will need to re-enroll in MFA (which will now be called Enhanced Authentication) after the conversion.  We have set a grace period until April 24, 2011 to allow re-enrollment to Enhanced Authentication but it is recommended to do the re-enrollment as soon a possible following the conversion.

                                                                                        Thank You, St. Joseph's CU

See New Certificate Rates as high as 0.50% APY.  Rates are listed in the CD Rates Table.


Checks that are presented will be processed Monday through Friday between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM following presentment of checks from the Federal Reserve.  This change is necessary to comply with new Federal Regulations that apply to ATM and Debit Card transactions beginning 07-01-2010.


Members with checking accounts with overdraft advance protection, are receiving "OPT-IN" forms which requires your reply as soon as possible but prior to August 15, 2010 to avoid having Overdraft Advance protection removed from your checking account.  This is required by new federal laws that took effect on July 1, 2010.  See the Newsletter or call Membership Representative in our offices for more information.

 Member Statements are changing to comply with new Federal Laws (06-30-2010).

New disclosure information had to be added to the statement.  This is adding to the length of pages on the the statement.  Also, it adds to our costs for postage and uses more paper.  See below on how to receive future statements by signing up for eStatements.  eStatements on your PC will save on postage costs, save on paper, easy to organize, and receive the eStatement much sooner than the paper Statement. 


You must be signed up for Home Banking (HFS).  Sign up is automated from within HFS.  Sign in as usual to HFS:  1.  Select "Services".  2.  Select "Change e-Statement Options".  3.  Verify and enter your current e-mail address;  at "Statement Options" using the down arrow, select e-Statements (or printed Statements if you want to change back to printed statements).

You will receive an email telling you when your Statement is ready for viewing within the HFS Summary Page by selecting "Statements".  Your statement will be in PDF format as well as any insert.  Six monthly statements can be stored online beginning with your March 31, 2009 statement if signed up before 03-31-09. Your statement cycle will be unchanged:  monthly (Checking & ACH Transactions),  Quarterly (Shares, CDs, other Deposit Accounts and Loans that have activity other than dividend), and End of Year (Inactive Accounts). 

New:  On Line Loan Applications and with Decision Now.  Click Here:   For Auto Loans, Unsecured Loans, MasterCard, Line Of Credit and Promotional Loans.

 To View our latest Annual Meeting ReportClick here!

NCUA Media Release, October 3, 2008

Today's passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 will require NCUA to immediately increase share insurance protection to $250,000 on all types of accounts until December 31, 2009. 

NCUA is reviewing all share insurance coverage materials included on the Internet Share Insurance Tool Kit, such as the Your Insured Funds brochure and print advertisement, to make needed revisions.  Revised documents reflecting $250,000 coverage will be posted to the NCUA website as soon as possible.  Click Here!

(Note 06-08-2009:  $250,000 Deposit Insurance Coverage Limit has been extended to 12-31-2013.  On January 1, 2014, the standard insurance amount will return to $100,000 per depositor for all account categories except for IRAs and other certain retirement accounts which will remain at $250,000 per depositor.  This supercedes the October 3, 2008 changes.)

On 07-22-2010, with the enactment of the new law Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the $250,000 NCUA Share Insurance Protection now became Permanent.

The National Credit Union Administration is the independent federal agency that regulates, charters and supervises federal credit unions.  NCUA, with the backing of the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, operates and manages the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, insuring the deposits of nearly 89 million accounts in all federal credit unions and the overwhelming majority of state-chartered credit unions.

Note:  St. Joseph's Credit Union is a federally insured state chartered credit union.


Fee Schedule Changes on April 1, 2009!

Access the new Fee Schedule by hovering over the Rates button on the left or Click here!.  

March 1, 2008 Overdraft Advance (Courtesy Pay) limit increased from $400 to $600.

Most members with Overdraft Advance or "Courtesy Pay" with current limit of $400 have been increased to $600 or Check here!

Since January 28, 2008, Member Deposits and Payments have been cleared electronically.

Known as Check 21, a federal act, is desinged to improve the efficiency of our nation's check clearing system by encouraging electronic check processing by all financial institutions.  See more in the Products section or Click here!

Del Rio Branch Office Closed on January 1, 2008 but credit union services will not be Gone! 

See the "What's New" Section of this Web Site for a NOTICE from the President, Richard D. Lynch, to the general membership regarding the closing. Click here!

New Log In Procedures For Home Banking!
In October, 2006, everyone using home banking will need to set up new log-in procedures that are mandated for most Financial Institutions by our federal regulators.  The old user name and password are not enough anymore. There is an article in the Fall'06 Newsletter.  Your personal information is very important to us.  These security log-in enhancements will help us protect your personal data and combat the ever increasing threats of identity theft and phishing scams.  Click here for new log in procedures.
Bill Payer System:
Use your home computer to pay your bills online.  Currently, there is no monthly service charge fee for members who use the bill payer system with at least 2 transactions per month; otherwise there is a $6.50 per month for inactive accounts.  Also, there is a $25 fee for payment confirmation investigations, stop payment transactions, and having non-sufficient funds (NSF).  Enrollment is online, use the Bill Pay button on the left.  You will be asked personal questions.  This helps to maintain your account and enables Bill Pay to efficiently process your payments.  This information is only used for making payments within the payment center.  You have to have a checking account with St. Joseph's CU because transactions will be directed to the checking account.  For support, call 800-877-8021 or email:
Business Center Services:
Small business owners, now there are various administrative business support programs available:  Payroll Services, Credit Card Merchant Processing, Equipment Leasing, Credit Lines & SBA Approved Loans, Private Label Credit Programs, Check deposits from your office to your account at SJCU, and many more.  Enrollment is online, use the "Business Service" button on the left.
AlertMe Credit Report Monitoring:
AlertMe is a service that monitors your credit profile at the Experian credit bureau for material changes such as a new account, new address, delinquency, new credit report inquiry, judgments and liens. If such a change occurs, you will be notified by mail or e-mail of the change.  Specifics of the change can be retrieved on their website in a secure manner if you are an e-mail subscriber.  This is an excellent "early warning" tool to have to fight back against identity theft.  For a nominal fee, AlertMe monitors your credit report and quickly advises you of any sudden changes.  This will help you take corrective action sooner, saving you frustration, time, and money.  Enrollment is online, use the "AlertMe Credit Service" button on the left. 
Home Banking or Online Banking (HFS) is Here 
Home Banking or Online Banking (Home Financial Services-HFS) is installed on our web site and is available to members now - Click the Home Banking button above or the Online Banking button to the left. You will be able to see your account balances and daily transactions. You can make transfers between your accounts. Print out copies of your checks that paid through the Federal Reserve System if these had not been converted to electronic checks or if they had not paid over the counter in a credit union office. Contact the credit union at any of our offices to sign-up/enroll or use HFS to advise us that you are interested.  We will mail you the proper forms to complete and return to one of our offices for processing.
Fredericksburg Location
When you are in Fredericksburg, Texas, visit our branch office. In Fredericksburg, St. Joseph's CU is doing business under the name of Hill Country Credit Union located at 610 West Main Street. The branch offers  motor lanes, ATM's, and night depository. Check your St. Joseph's CU quarterly newsletter for location and times of operation. Visiting San Antonio and Del Rio members are welcome to conduct business at this location. Visiting members from Del Rio or Fredericksburg to San Antonio are also welcome to conduct business in our San Antonio Offices.  

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